Hello, I'm Taavi Rull.

A Freelance Graphic Designer

Welcome to my huud! A place where my loyalty, straightforwardness, OCD and a mild dilettantism meet to have epic lawn battles.

I bring a decade of experience to the table as a freelance designer. And a multifunctional one, I'd add. Here to turn your marketing ideas into reality. May they be in 3D, animated or in simple static graphics. Whether it's crafting logos, designing and formating crazy amounts of marketing materials, animating them if needed, modelling your visions in 3D, or just being your chatmate in brainstorming ideas for your next venture, my goal is to hold your brands head up high. 

I'm mostly known for my speed and responsiveness, but my attention to detail and burning passion to keep everything aesthetically appealing are right behind them. So choosing to work with me means embracing a collaborative journey where your ideas meet my perfectionism. Affordable, transparent, and dedicated to functioning results, I'll bring quality, passion and a little bit of oomph to every assignment.

If you are looking for a long-term collaborator, then look no more! Connect with me and let's see what's what. Cheers!